Queensland Production Cars (QPC)  began in 2107 in order to bring production car racing, under the CAMS 3 e regulations to Queensland. 

Production Car racing is going through a renaissance at the moment and our aim is to ensure that QPC cars comply with CAMS 3e requirements and that we can take advantage of this rise in popularity. 

If you want to race a 6 hour at Bathurst or Philip Island, then your local QPC competition provides the perfect place to start. 

We believe that Production Cars should race Endurance races. We don't believe that one missed gear change should ruin your weekend. Therefore, wherever possible, we will race Endurance Races of 1 hour with a Compulsory Pit Stop. We strongly encourage 2 drivers per car to contest these events. This not only introduces new drivers to the category but provides significant contribution towards your racing budget. 

This is a class based category, with those classes being determined through the calculation, detailed below. If you have any issues, pls contact Garry Hawgood, Technical Manager. 

Points are awarded on a class basis, and there is no bonus for the first past the post overall. This means that any driver can win the championship from any class. This isn’t big budget racing, in fact the Toyota 86 has proven to be a very successful Championship winning car. 

We actively promote clean, contact free racing and we will work with drivers to assist that in occurring. We have an experienced Driving Standards Officer (Christopher Manley raced competively in the Toyota 86 series) and we will guide you through correct protocols, both on and off the track. We also have a mentoring programme if you are new to the sport and need some help. 

The adherence to 3e regulations provides a stable platform and a confidence that you can build a competitive car which can race both nationally and in your state championship. The enforcing of these regulations, ensure that your investment in your car is protected and you can race knowing that those around you are also adhering to the same regulations.

So, come and join us and enjoy not only a fantastic category which opens the door to Philip Island and Bathurst but provides a challenging Championship right on your door step. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your jump into Production Car Racing!


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