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Queensland Production Cars

State-level touring car based motorsport category


Queensland Production Cars (QPC) is a state-level touring car based motorsport category which began in 2017 and has become the fastest growing motorsport category in Queensland.


Based on the Motorsport Australia Group 3E Production Touring Car regulations, the category provides accessible and affordable motorsport through tight regulations and a multiple class structure. 

So whether you are an entry level competitor right through to an experienced campaigner, there is opportunity and choice to compete at the level that suits your budget and aspirations.

QPC also provides the perfect launchpad and pathway to step up to National level competition, including the iconic Bathurst 6 Hour endurance race which many of our members regularly compete at. The regulations are essentially the same across QPC, Bathurst 6 Hour, NSW Production Touring Cars and the Australian Production Cars championships, presenting a multitude of choice of events and tracks around the country to compete at.

We love endurance racing and combining this with our sprint events makes for a strong and diverse category, challenging driver and machine alike. We encourage 2 drivers per car for endurance events as this not only introduces new drivers to the category but provides significant contribution towards your racing budget with the ability to share costs.

Our class based championship with points awarded on a class basis, gives opportunity for any driver to win the championship from any class, instead of having to be in the fastest car with the biggest budget. Commitment and consistency is rewarded.   

We promote choice of tyre, based on the Motorsport Australia Production Car Tyre List, giving competitors the ability to use the tyre that works best for them within their budgets. 

We actively promote clean, contact free racing and we will work with our drivers to ensure this occurs.  We have an experienced Driving Standards Officer, and we can guide you through correct protocols, both on and off the track.

We pride ourselves on mentoring if you are new to the sport and need some help. 


The adherence to 3E regulations provides a stable platform and a confidence that you can build a competitive car which can race both nationally and in your state championship. The enforcing of these regulations ensures that your investment in your car is protected and you can race knowing that those around you are also adhering to the same regulations. 

Membership and entry fees are very affordable, and a very experienced committee is steering the ship. Most of all, lots of fun is had on race weekends in a competitive but friendly environment. Family is important in QPC partners, kids & parents are all welcome as part of the club. 

Come and join us and enjoy not only a fantastic category which opens the door to the best tracks and events in Australia, but provides a challenging Championship right on your door step. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your jump into Production Car Racing!

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